2021 2024 EU Horizon 2020 Widespread H2020

SURFace MODification to reduce microbial and organic fouling in the food industry (SURFMOD).

PI University of Porto, Portugal

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University Medical Centre, Groningen, Netherlands



2020 2021 EPSRC Funding for 2.5 day workshop

Roadmapping Quantitative Understanding of Cleaning and Decontamination.

Joint PI University of Cambridge

Joint PI University of Manchester

University of Birmingham



2019 Consultancy Industrial

Testing cleaning formulations.

Industrial partner

PI K. Whitehead



2018 2022 FEUP-LEPABE Young Researcher Award.

Surface modification to reduce microbial and organic fouling in the dairy industry.

PI University of Porto, Portugal.



2018 2021 Independent Research Fund Denmark

Stabilization of colloidal food materials by surface engineering of bacteria.

PI University of Copenhagen, Denmark



2018 2021 Academic Research

Oral microbial markers as predictors of Chronic Kidney Disease.

PI Liverpool John Moores



2018 2021 Industrial Research

Cleaning and surface modification to deter biofouling and biofilm formation.

Industrial partner

PI K. Whitehead



2018 2021 Clinical Research

Wound infection following Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery – a measure of predictive surgical and transmission factors on patient outcomes.

PI K. Whitehead




2018 2018 Industrial Consultancy.

Disinfection control in water cooling tanks used in polymer extrusion.

Industrial partner

PI K. Whitehead



2017 2020 Innovate UK KTP.

Use innovative surface contamination detection systems to develop a novel algorithm to relate surface contamination and processing conditions in the food processing industry to inform effective cleaning products and regimes to inform customer product selection and guide ongoing product development.

Industrial partner

PI K. Whitehead



2016 2019 Academic Research

Antimicrobial efficacies for metal ions and graphene-based compounds against Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii and Enterococcus faecium in the absence and presence of conditioning films.

PI K. Whitehead

University of Leeds

University of Manchester



2016 BBSRC and Innovate UK.

Rational modification of lactams for improved efficacy in home care applications.


PI K. Whitehead



2014 2017 Sir Halley Stewart Trust.

Modification of platelet bag surfaces for prevention of bacterial biofilm growth in platelet concentrates.




2014 New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the European


Facilitating Research and Innovation co-operation between Europe and New Zealand

PI K. Whitehead



2013 2016 Innovate UK KTP

Antimicrobial fabrics to deter biofilm formation

Industrial partner