I have a range of projects that are available for self-funded study at either Masters level which consist of a 12 months laboratory project or for study at PhD level. These may be applied to the food, water, oil and fuel, biomaterial or medical industries. Please contact Professor Kathryn Whitehead k.a.whitehead@mmu.ac.uk for more details.


Novel antimicrobial surfaces to impede the development of biofilms.

Antimicrobial efficacy and development of antimicrobial sutures.

Antifouling biomimetic surfaces.

The effect of organic fouling on microbial retention and biofilm formation.

Effect of antimicrobial surfaces and metal ions on bacterial survival.

Recovery of bacteria from washing machine components and fabrics.

Determination and antimicrobial resistance of bacteria recovered from a bath.

Influence of conditioning films on bacteria attachment.

Determination of physicochemical parameters on bacterial binding and biofilm formation.


Antimicrobials, biocides and microbial control

Novel antimicrobials against the ESKAPE pathogens.

Effect of UV on bacterial detection or elimination.

Antimicrobial activity of novel compounds and biocides.

Cleaning of surfaces and allergen detection.


The development of sensors for medical, food or environmental applications.

The development of sensors for halitosis detection.

Biosensors for the detection of microbial toxins.


Antibiotic resistance and development of medically relevant bacteria.

Influence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on biofilm formation.

Oral Microbiology

Bacterial growth synergies of red/orange/yellow complex oral bacteria.

Gingipains biomolecule detection.

Oral microbial secretome during periodontal disease.

Oral malodour biomarkers in periodontal disease.

We are always looking for collaborations with International partners. If you are interested in applying for Newton or any other funding with us, please contact Professor Whitehead in the first instance k.a.whitehead@mmu.ac.uk