Prof Kathryn Whitehead 


I am involved in the following research areas:

  • Design and characterisation of antimicrobial and antiadhesive surfaces

  • Reduction or microbial and organic fouling and biofilm formation

  • Development and testing of antimicrobials


My research covers a diverse range of areas and the key to my work is its multidisciplinary and applied aspects. In essence, I work on the characterisation of antimicrobial, antiadhesive and biomimetic surfaces and look how bacteria or bacterial and fungal spores become attached, adhered or retained on surfaces. My work also looks at the effect of organic fouling on surface hygiene and on bacterial fouling. I have a strong interest in developing new biocidal agents and the efficacy such products have on biofilm formations.


In my medical microbiology work, I am involved in a number of specific projects. These include the development of antimicrobials, surface: bacterial interactions in biomaterials,  the transmission of bacteria in health care settings, and the effect of surgical interventions on surgical site infections.