• Dr Joels Wilson-Nieuwenhuis. Postdoctoral researcher (KTP Associate)


  • Amina Belboul. (CoI) Strategies to stimulate inflammatory cell clearance of bacteria during hormone-driven ageing.

  • Lucy Chambers. (with Prof Aali Sheen Manchester Royal Infirmary) Wound infection following Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery – a measure of predictive surgical and transmission factors on patient outcomes.

  • Patricia Osta-Ustarroz. (with Industry) Surface Fouling.

  • Mohsin Amin. (with Liverpool John Moores) Oral Microbiological markers as predictors of CKD.

  • Christopher Broughton. (CoI) Examining the role of Thienopyridines as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents.

  • Steven Ryder. (CoI) Novel ruthenium metal-based complexes as antimicrobial agents: mechanisms of cellular activity.

  • Niall Hall. (Tomasz Liskiewicz PI) Functional Hybrid PVD-Coated/Textured Engineering Bio-surfaces for Reduced Corrosion and Enhanced Cellular Adhesion.

  • Maliha Akram. Determination of the antimicrobial resistance of bacterial isolates recovered and identified from different surfaces of a bath used to bathe burns patients.

  • Nicole Britten. (CoI) Highly active Ruthenium-based compounds for targeted antimicrobial chemotherapy against multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens


  • Sydel Parikh. (Public Health England) - Epidemiology of invasive meningococcal disease in the UK following the introduction of the novel 4CMenB vaccine. Submitted.


Completed Students

Completed Postdoctoral Scientists

  • Dr Mohammed El Mohtadi. Biofilm formation and host pathogen systems.

  • Dr Fabien Saubade. Design and characterisation of biomimetic and antiadhesive surfaces for use in the food industry.

  • Dr Louise Tetlow. Antimicrobial testing for industry.


Completed PhD students

  • Nathalie Karaky. (with University of Manchester and University of Leeds). Antimicrobial activity of combined metal graphene derivatives to control antimicrobial resistant bacteria for use in topical applications.

  • Niall Hickey. (CoI) Pathogenic oral microbial species metabolites as toxins and novel biomarkers in chronic kidney disease. Submitted.

  • Laila Patinglag. (CoI) Novel microfluidic plasma devices for treatment of microorganisms in specialist water supplies. Submitted.

  • Anthony Slate. (CoI) Intelligently engineering graphene and related 2D-materials for micro-bacterial fuel cells.

  • Mohamad El Mohtadi. (CoI) Effect of Sex Steroid Hormones (Estrogen) on Host-Pathogen Interactions in an in vitro Model of Age-Related Impaired Healing.

  • Elliot Whittard. (CoI) Host /Pathogen interactions of lytic bacteriophage in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus infection and biofilms.

  • Misha Vaidya. Novel antimicrobials to combat antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

  • Naif Binsaleh. (CoI) Novel thienopyridine as an anti-platelet agent.

  • Joels Wilson-Nieuwenhuis. (CoI) Modification of platelet bag surfaces for prevention of bacterial biofilm growth in platelet concentrates (Sir Halley Stewart Trust).

  • Louise Tetlow. The effect of conditioning films on the cleanability and hygienic status of self-cleaning and antimicrobial surfaces.

  • Brice Delfour-Peyrethon. (CoI). Development of multi-functional durable optical coatings on polymeric surfaces.

  • Sasha Blackshaw. (CoI). The Manipulation of Inflammation, Immunity and Infection by Novel Derivatives of Halichlorine

  • Soheyla Ostovarpour. (CoI) Photocatalytic Coatings to Reduce Microbial Contamination.

  • David Wickens. Nanocomposite Zirconium Nitride/Silver Coatings to Combat External Bone Fixation Pin Infections

  • Angelique Dudman. (CoI) Factors affecting survival of bacteria on abiotic surfaces.

  • Adele Packer. (CoI) The Effects of Defined Linear  Features on Surface Hygiene and Cleanability.

  • Lucia Cabellero. (CoI) Antibacterial properties of titanium dioxide in paint films.

Completed PhD by Publications

  • Godwin Oligbu. The Impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines on    Invasive Pneumococcal Disease. 

  • Seilesh Kambari. The impact of advances in molecular virology on the clinical epidemiology and management of central nervous system viral infections in infants

  • Julia Stowe. Methological challenges in post-licensure vaccine safety studies using large routinely collected datasets

  • Helen Campbell. How Surveillance policy has informed meningococcal conjugate vaccination procedure in the UK

Completed MPhil Students

  • David Perez Iglesias. Antimicrobial Textiles.

​Completed Masters by Research Students

  • Joshua Spall. Antifouling applications of biomimetic surfaces in the food industry.

  • Shiying Tang. The role of RANTES (CCL5) in the immune response to infection.

  • Mohsin Amin. Surface Properties and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Screen-Printed Molybdenum Hybrid Surfaces against Medically Relevant Bacteria

  • Jordan McBrearty. (with University of Auckland). Exploring the efficacy of novel compounds against drug resistant bacteria and cancer cells.

  • Thomas Wainwright. (CoI). Examining the role of butyrolactone lignans as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Chloe Parry. (). Androgens inhibit phagocytosis by macrophages via the androgen receptor